SEPAM Seminar "Destructive and Innovative Digital Economy", March, 13, Erkin Şahinöz, (Former Research Director, US Cental Bank Federal Reserve)

SEPAM Seminar Middle Powers in International Politics: Strategies to Influence the New World Order –  May, 4 – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel Parlar Dal

SEPAM Seminar Energy Transformation, Renewable Energy and Global Politics –  May, 18 – Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Emre Hatipoğlu

SEPAM Seminar Changing Balances of Power and The South Korean Model in East Asia in the Post-Covid-19 Era – June, 8 – Mr. Ersin Erçin T.C. Ambassador to Seoul

SEPAM Seminar Germany's Role in International Politics After Covid-19 – June, 17 – Mr. Ali Kemal Aydın T. C. Ambassador to Berlin

SEPAM Panel “Rethinking of the Left and Right Politics in Today’s Perspective–  February, 21:

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Tarık Oğuzlu


Right And Left Politics in Changing World” – Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Işıl Cerem Cenker Özek

Example of Justice and Development Party in Turkish Politics “– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Christos Teazis

Perspectives of Left and Right Towards Foreign Policy” – Assistant Professor Murat Kasapsaraçoğlu