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Seminars and Panels

Civil Society and Politics in Turkey, SEPAM Panel – 24 October -AKM (Perge Hall)


  1. Moderator: Gursel Kaya, General Secretary of TEAMDER


  1. Speakers:


  1. Theoritical Aproaches to the Phenomenon of Civil Soceity” – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faruk Ataay-Akdeniz University


  1. Civil Society and Turkish Domestic Politics”-Assoc. Prof. Dr. Isil Cerem Cenker Ozek - Antalya Bilim University


  1. Practical Examples in Civil Society Studies” –Dr. Ali Yilmaz – Chief Executive of TEAM


  1. Civil Society and Turkish Foreign Politics” Prof. Dr. Tarik Oguzlu- Antalya Bilim University


 SEPAM Seminar “Ethnicity and Ethnic Voting:The Case of Kurds in Turkish General Elections, 2002-2011” 2013 - Prof. Dr. Ali Çarkoğlu, Koç University


SEPAM Seminar “Turkey and the Arab Revolutions: The Boundaries of Middle Power Influence in a Turbulent Region” -9 October- Prof. Dr. Ziya Öniş


SEPAM Semineri “ How Does Islam Function in “Muslim Democracies?: Comparing Turkey, Senegal, Mali, and Indonesia 6 November - Ambassador, Prof. Paul Kubicek